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Mike Atherton is not Mr. Henry

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

In fact, Mike Atherton is someone else on this forum who feels so insecure or
probably doesn't want to jeopordize his job or his rank but would preach to us

His profile, I would deduce, is of an older man who is probably "impotent" and
somewhat frustrated - an alpha male as is known in Anthropology.  Here is a
piece about such "Alpha males":

"The very recent history of human warfare provides a contrast: The alphas -
generally old men - sequester themselves in safety, often where the young
women are, and dispatch the subordinates - generally young men - out to fight
and die.  In no other species have alpha males gotten away with such cushy
arrangements for themselves......apart from the social insects, no other
species has been clever enough to invent war.  It is an institution optimally
configured to benefit the alphas."

Quiet pathetic isn't it?  So, our Mike Atherton is an alpha male on this forum
who has been and probably will be getting away with the same kind of crap and
the aliasing of his name to hide his true identity is indeed for that purpose

Vamsi M.

Sanjai Kukreti wrote:

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> Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
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> ike Atherton <imawinus@yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Dear Mr. Vamsi,
> >
> > My view regarding your query is simple. India is democratic only on
> > paper. India neither has the WILL nor the desire to enforce its laws
> to
> > make it a viable democracy, let alone be a model for others to
> emulate.
> > That means, stop asking questions like "IS INDIA A MODEL DEMOCRACY?"
> Where the hell did I ever say India is a model democracy?  I certainly
> have
> made enough criticisms of India to make it evident that I don't believe
> that
> India is a model democracy. By the way, who do you hold up as your model
> for
> emulation?
> > Moving on to your other inquiry, no i am not a new member. As a matter
> > of fact, I am not a member of your group. I have a few friends who are
> > members of your group. They have me on their list and I get the emails
> > from them. Please add my name as a member to your group. I am not sure
> > if you guys require some sort of identity and/or other requirements,
> but
> > I will provide mine in case that is a requirement. I am 26yrs old (
> just
> > in case, u need people to be an adult to join your group).
> >
> > Name = Mike Atherton,,,,,Address = Herndon, VA USA
> >
> > Addressing to Mr. Sanjai's question, No. I am not from any school of
> > thought, imaginary or real, Bush or Robertson. Nor am I a lefty or
> > righty or attack any people's beliefs. I doubt your atheism based on
> > your own writings. In one of your emails, you claim you do not believe
> > in any diety. Yet you ardently 'defend' hinduism in response to an
> email
> > from Mr. Henry.
> I''m not defending Hinduism per se, but rather cutting thru the
> colonial-made mythology surrounding Hinduism and other "heathen
> beliefs". I
> have no problem telling "Mr Henry" (?) that people who live in glass
> houses
> shouldn't throw stones.
> > What can one conclude from this Mr. Name Giver?
> "Mister Mike" -- I don't know too many anglo-saxons who address each
> other
> as "Mister <Firstname>".
> Can I take it that you're not a native english-speaker, but rather an
> Indian
> posting under an anglo-saxon alias?
> > You are
> > the only person who attacks other members of this group by calling
> them
> > either a lefty or a righty or a socialist and so on. Plus, you call
> > Indians to have low EQ when in fact you seem to be unstable... At the
> > same time, you have guts to ask others a basis for doubting your
> > atheism. That gotta be THE JOKE.
> You can doubt my atheism however much you want, but who the hell are you
> to
> me? I don't need to stand before your judge and jury. The fact is that I
> don't believe in any God, and your pathetic accusations can't somehow
> make
> me. Again, if you feel that I believe in a particular god, then please
> inform me which one I believe in. Tell me on which occasions I've prayed
> to
> that god or gods, or expressed belief in them.
> Like I said, I was telling "Mr Henry" that his pompous attacks on the
> heathens were hypocritical and laughable -- just like your attacks are
> laughable.
> Apparently, anyone who doesn't bow to colonial-made myths is some kind
> of
> "heathen fundamentalist" in your book. I was laughing at "Mr Henry" for
> pointing to an article deriding the "Aryan-made religion" (ie.
> Hinduism),
> when his own name is far more Aryan than mine. I don't think anyone
> would
> ever consider Henry as being a name of non-Aryan origin. That's the pot
> calling the kettle black. The blonde blue-eyed Brits are the Aryan's
> Aryan.
> As for my comments on EQ, I certainly made them in all self-effacing
> humility. I think they were valid for Indians in general, whether myself
> or
> yourself  -- Btw, from your style of grammar and idiom, I can tell you
> learned your english in India -- I can spot "Inglish" (Indian english) a
> mile away. You're not "Mister Henry" posting under another name, are
> you?
> ;)
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Vamsi M.

This is the National Debate on System Reform.       debate@indiapolicy.org
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