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Re: KDA report on education

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
On Mon, 29 Jan 2001, MV wrote:
 >  On Sun, 28 Jan 2001, Padmanabha Rao wrote:
 >  Yes, language is not a knowledge in itself (perhaps it is an
 >  information
 >  in itself). I think it is a knowledge by itself.
 > So, assuming knowledge is culture[d], language is also culture[d].

 I agree with you, knowing anything is knowledge, so in that
 sense knowing a language is also knowledge, and definitely
 language is part of culture, but culture is much more.

I would say language *is* knowledge; distinct from 'knowing a language'.

So all culture is simply language. Kill the language and we kill the
corresponding culture. Create a language and you create a distinct

 If anyone want to influence culture it should be by example.
 Let members of KDA, Ministers, MLA's, Bureaucrats enroll their
 children/grand children in the nearest govt. run Kannada
 medium schools, i am sure lot of people will follow them.

This is looking away from the problem. KDA, ministers, b'crats don't
much. Their example needn't be. It's their choice. But what they should
not try to do is abuse the power vested in them and kill things. The
States in India, unfortunately, are demarcated on linguistic basis.
Perhaps if that wasn't the case, things would never have come to such a
pass as to necessitate a drastic legislation that provides for
the languages. But those folks have been killing it, as you have been
saying, by making all higher education available only in English. That's
complex problem. I don't know the solution. But I want all languages to
alive regardless because that provides for greater welfare in the end.
that debatable ?

 But if they send their own children/grand children to English medium
 schools and recommend/force the people in the village to enroll
 in Kannada medium school, is that right?  What do you say?

As I said, the 'crasies don't matter much as long as they stick to not
wasting or abusing the power invested in them.



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