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u read too deep, don't u vamsi??

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
>>Mr. Atherton is probably from the FBI in Norfolk, VA. This forum has
been and
>>is being "watched" is a well known fact.

What makes you assume that I am from the FBI? Is it my Christian name?
Or is it my state of residence? BTW, i wrote i live in Herndon, VA not
Norfolk, VA, right?

>>My inquiry was never on whether India is a democracy or not. The facts
>>such that India's creation is probably the most civilized in human

Did you write that sentence? I can't beleive it. Do you have any idea
how many people were butchered before India's creation? If you call this
civilized creation, then certainly the meaning of the word 'civil' has
changed. Can you enlighten me with the new meaning please (lol)?

>>Nowhere else has any other nation exercised or even conceptualized a
>>intelligent form of power transformation. If any nation has a chance
>>becoming a model democracy in this century it would certainly be India
>>Indians would want it so!!

Are you on drugs or something?

>>FBI Agents or otherwise, welcome (I think, as I cannot speak for
others on

You don't have a choice, other than welcoming me, do u?

>>Vamsi M.



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