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Re: what do we lack?

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Today i was discussing LCA with a friend,

Here is his bit....

"If we get Ravan's people to School, they will
build and fly plane and Ram's people can also
fly with them....."


>From: Komaragiri, Param (Param)** CTR ** <param@lucent.com>
> As LCA has figured in ipi debates recently, thought I would let the
> members
> be aware of this news item. To me as a common citizen, the information

> is
> shaking my confidence in the technical capabilities of our people.
> http://www.indian-express.com/ie/daily/20010208/ina08056.html
> Is it because of any privatisation or non-privatisation as reasons for

> our
> dependance of foreign technologies? sputnik and apollo both were off
> ground from two different streams of societies then ! It is worrying
> me
> think that why on earth we can not make turbines like swiss do,
> helicopters
> like isralelies do, the list goes on.

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