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rebuttal to Mr. Atherton's comments on India

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Mr. Atherton is probably from the FBI in Norfolk, VA.  This forum has been and
is being "watched" is a well known fact.

Mike Atherton wrote:

> My view regarding your query is simple. India is democratic only on
> paper. India neither has the WILL nor the desire to enforce its laws to
> make it a viable democracy, let alone be a model for others to emulate.

My inquiry was never on whether India is a democracy or not.  The facts are
such that India's creation is probably the most civilized in human history.
Nowhere else has any other nation exercised or even conceptualized a more
intelligent form of power transformation.  If any nation has a chance at
becoming a model democracy in this century it would certainly be India if
Indians would want it so!!

> That means, stop asking questions like "IS INDIA A MODEL DEMOCRACY?"

No, I did ask this question and I was referring to the fact the current
policies that are in place (though changing by each day) are no more different
than those under the British Raj.  I only meant this in the sense that Indians
should rise to the occasion to run their own Government better or even take
pride in politics and participate in the world's largest democracy!!

> Moving on to your other inquiry, no i am not a new member. As a matter
> of fact, I am not a member of your group. I have a few friends who are
> members of your group. They have me on their list and I get the emails
> from them. Please add my name as a member to your group. I am not sure
> if you guys require some sort of identity and/or other requirements, but
> I will provide mine in case that is a requirement. I am 26yrs old ( just
> in case, u need people to be an adult to join your group).
> Name = Mike Atherton,,,,,Address = Herndon, VA USA

FBI Agents or otherwise, welcome (I think, as I cannot speak for others on

Vamsi M.

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