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Re: Value of Indian Life

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
How to get rid of netas and babus? What if i say the root cause of all
problems is population
Population !!!????
Yes. look arround and try to trace the root cause of everything and in
cases when it is the case of India you will find the cause to be
If we are depending upon Babus I feel the reasion is Lack of Education
of Education and not Litracy for the litrate peoples too vote like
uneducated stuff). We dont know exactly what are our rights. come down
Rajasthan and witness a District Collector being treated as a king, not
because he has the power but because peoples are not aware what he can
and what they themselves can do. Go to Kerala where peoples are educated
know what they can do. The difference will be quite visible.
if we know what are our rights and what Babus have as their duties there
no reason why we can not extract from them what is our legitimate right.

Privatisation is yet other solution in this regard. Privatisation will
a sense of professionalism which is quite opposit of Babu style of
Now how can we achieve it? The question is to be solved with a top down
approach. A system overhalling is needed starting with the mass camaign
educated people as to how they should choose a leader, How to check
of the power, What their rights are and so forth. This in turn will lead
proper selection of candidates which again will start a process of
the loop holes.
Simultaniously tendencies like consumer satisfaction have to be
with proper guidence.

This is just the starting point and a thread to start with. definitely
all have to work towards this not just here but outsie indiapolicy.com

Please send in your criticism and let us make it  a plateform to work on

Boonlia P K

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> Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

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> Because Till we have babus - Nateas to blame we will do nothing. Just
> them and thats it.
> A common Indian is so busy in just to make two ends meet Today, he is
> concerned
> about past and future. We have long way to go till we start comparing
> ourselves with US/Britain.
> "DONT DO COMPARISONS , DONT IMITATE" . There are always lot of
> associated with every thing , unless one finds out  what are those and
> to optimize them,
> there is no success.
> We have to depend on these Babus - Netas unless we have some
> replace them.
> Just start thinking obout how to achive this and what is required.
> Jai Hind
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> Subject: RE: Value of Indian Life
> >
> > Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate
> >
> > Do you remember Bhopal?. Have we learned anything from it?. Have we
> amended
> > and ENFORCED newer and cleaner environmental laws?.
> >
> > Well, U.S has learned from it. It has enacted laws and regulations
> > with such emergencies like Bhopal.
> >
> > The same thing with the earthquakes, will we learn to build now at
> > earthquake proof homes, planned and organized cities?, now that
> "urban-mess"
> > is destroyed in Gujarat?.
> >
> > Hundreds of diamond workers were trapped by small doors and
> guards
> > that didn't allow them to escape, thinking that they will steal.
> >
> > Human dignity is lost in this nation of billions. and here are some
> > "socialistic" morons saying that population is not a problem.
> >
> > Food is not the only thing that people want, what about cars? a
> > living?. clean cities etc.,
> >
> > Strange that only Babus and Netas think that Indian population
> is
> > good, may be that way they don't have to worry about tax collection,

> > and ask people to bear with higher taxes when we buy rust buckets
> > Russia with goodies for babus and netas who signed the deal.
> >
> > Too much to ask from illiterate and Goonda Politicians and
> > Literate,numbskull babus.
> >
> >
> > My last post in IPI.

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