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Re: Democratic political funding....

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
It does not require methods with are more than
what normal membership based democratic organisations
practice, like canvasing & issuing membership, electing
the office bearers to run the organisation, and pay a
reasonable money to the office bearers for time and
effort they put in to run the organisation. Some basic
by law's that does not allow the office bearers more
than 2 terms at the same level of organisation etc...

All the major political parties in India has
democratic framework, the *democratic part* is not
working because, their membership fee is too low to
sustain the democratic process, this works to the
*convenience* of *vested* interests!

I have put in the point, membership based
democratic movement will work because it will
empower, motivate people, it will allow them to
select/elect their leaders. People are ready to
invest reasonable amount of money if that will
bring them benefit.

Now let us hear your and JP's view, why membership
fee based democratic organisation will not work in


> Further discussions between MV and JP are placed below, for general
> believe this topic needs greater discussion. I still tend to agree
with JP
> on this. MV: please point out the specific methods by which you can
> membership of 5 crore persons, and if possible, launch a demo of it
> somewhere.
> Sanjeev
> At 03:39 PM 2/6/01 +0530, "MV" <maxv@vsnl.com>wrote:
> >Dear JP,
> >
> >It is very much possible and it will truly empower
> >and motivate people to participate in the democratic
> >process.
> >
> >Today people in India are not interested in existing
> >political parties because they very well know that
> >without *equal* participation they don't get equal
> >rights/benefits.
> >
> >I have asked lot of poeple with diverse social and
> >economic background, if they are ready to take
> >membership of a political party by paying Rs.100/-
> >per year if they get the right to decide the
> >candidates for elections, almost every one says
> >yes!!!
> >
> >
> >Regards,
> >
> >MV.
> >
> >
> >> Thanks for your email.  It is nice to dream of 5 crore members who
> >> contribute each Rs.100 a year.  The reality is it is hard to raise
> >0.1%
> >> of that amount as membership fee.  If fee becomes the criterion for

> >> membership , then most people stay away.  Lok Satta's life time
> >> fee is only Rs.25, and it is spent locally by members.  But we do
> >encourage
> >> membership as friends of Lok Satta with contribution
> >>
> >> With warm regards,
> >> JP

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