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Re: gettting the NASSCOM Report?

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
At 02:02 PM 2/6/01 -0800, Prof. Roy wrote:
>The Nasscom/McKinsey document is said by the website to cost Rs.
10,000.  Is
>Dr Sabhlok suggesting that a personal call to Mr. Dewang Mehta will
>him to waive that amount, perhaps in the interests of scientific
>Subroto Roy

Clearly there is no harm in trying it for IIT KGP research purposes at a

subsidized rate/ free by sending a request letter/ fax on your
to Mr. Mehta, personally. In case that does not work, there is nothing
can be done about it since IPI cannot publish it anyway even if it were
be purchased (by pitching in funds together) due to copyright
surely applicaple to the report, and so far we have not paid anything
any of our publications anyway.

One strategy is there: one may be able to access in the Dept. of
Electronics Library or office (Electronics Niketan) in N.Delhi.


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