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Re: An India Response

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Sanjai I can't believe you talk as if we live in an A.I world!?
As of now, on earth, it is still humans who write, install, operate and
maintain software.

Technology helps the honest and dishonest equally.
If I can pay corrupt (govt)sys-admin a few bucks and get a few passwords
I not commit a insanely larger (and less detectable/traceable) fraud
the relatively self- limiting pre tech ways?

Instead of regurgitating your stale rhetoric like a stuck record, why
you help outline a foolproof system. that is what I am trying to figure
how to do.

Rakesh Raju

> > Technology is inherently neither good nor bad.
> > Therefore if introduced into the current administrative apparatus
> > I fear that it would help automate corruption.
> >
> > -Rakesh
> Now how is a computer going to "automate corruption" if corruption is
> committed by human beings, and computers remove human beings from the
> The "ghost in the machine" perhaps?
> See, this is what I mean by people talking about corruption in
> superstitious terms, rather than analyzing logically and rationally.
> called chasing shadows.
> Leftist activists are always looking for new ways to perpetuate the
> arguments, using newer idioms. The reality is that computers are more
> efficient, cannot be lazy, and allow Indians to divert themselves into

> productive types of work, rather than paper-pushing.
> Only people like Laloo Prasad Yadav scoff at computers, saying they
> jobs. What a career idiot.

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