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Re: Mr. Aggarwal, please try to be scientific

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
   I sincerely share Dr. Roy's concerns about the projected revenues of $50 
billion dollars.

   Point No 1: Mr Aggarwal, in an earlier reply said that the figure of $50 
billion dollars is based on the current growth rate of 50%. How can an 
estimate be that simple ? We don't need McKinsey's for that. Can I apply 
that simple rule to other sectors, say textiles ? No, you cannot. We not 
only have to consider the external competition, but our abilities to meet 
that. Like, the quality of engineers, the management, govt policies and so 

    Point No 2: About the quality of our engineers. Mr. Arun Mehta was right 
in this regard. Please do not quote and believe the likes of John Chambers 
and Gates. Standing on Indian soil, they can only say that we are second to 
none. Look at those half-baked students, being churned out by the most 
lucrative industry in India, the engineering colleges. Mr. Agarwal, look at 
the computer science departments. They have the infrastructure, but no 
faculty. Don't tell me that industry trains them. That takes us to the issue 
of the IT managers

    I had the misfortune of working for TCS, once upon a time. Believe me, 
it was such a frustrating experience. It is run like a grocery store. It is 
the case with many companies. You have to be part of that to see how rotten 
it is. Many companies, adhere to quality by completing the paper work and 
nothing else. There is so much to write about. Ofcourse, this is not to say 
that, we are incapable of some excellent work. We are yet to have 
visionaries and I am only highlighting the current state.

    About the news that TCS, Wipro and Infosys plan to outsource coding and 
maintenance work to china. How ridiculous ? The US or european companies 
will then go to china. Why will they have to do it through WIPRO or TCS ? 
Such talk is devoid of any merit. 'Made in China' is a better brand than 

    We succeeded in this out sourcing work because of the low entry 
barriers. That can be our undoing, if we are complacent. Dewang Mehta's, 
Pramod Mahajan's and newspaper articles can only create that feel-good 
factor. It is up to us and the IT cheiftains ( who are over-valued, like 
their company stocks ) to change the course of IT industry.

   We still import avionics and other mission critical software. We can be 
rightly proud of our IT industry, when we start writing such software.

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