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First concrete steps by IT

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
The pressure created by Parivartan has started getting translated into
action. The Income Tax Department has put the names of 13,000 taxpayers in
on its website (www.incometaxdelhi.nic.in), whose refunds have come back in
last few years due to wrong address etc. These taxpayers must have been
from pillar to post for the last so many years. Now, they can see the
If their name appears in this list, they can either collect the refund from
assessing officer in person or they could send a letter to the assessing
for change of address. (If anyone has not received his refund and his name is 
not on the website also, please contact your assessing officer. If the
is not resolved within 30 days, contact Parivartan).

The Income Tax Department has announced yesterday that the refunds of those
who mention their bank account details on their returns, will now be directly 
credited to the bank account of the taxpayers. This was also one of the
made by the IT Department in its affidavit.

However, the other steps are yet to be taken. So, the pressure will continue 
on them. The dharna will take place as planned from 30th. Those who wish to
in dharna should come for the meeting on 29th at 11.00 am at CP at the same
where we have our monthly meetings. Please do take some time off from your
to participate in dharna.

We are meeting Mr Vittal today in the evening. He has really helped a lot in 
our efforts. 

Lets all unite to make India better


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