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Re: US-India Washington Times article FYI

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
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Hello Dr Subrato Roy,
I had wanted the issue of nuclear -proliferation / CTBT etc to be debated in
this forum prior to Clintons visit. Some of the issues came through but the
most important thing that has still to occur is a full scale debate at the
national level between / within the state on the nuclear issue. I had
forwarded the following article for debate on the IPc but have not heard
from the forum at all. I am amazed that we do not want to debate this issue
in real earnest - as I see that neither of the national-dailies have cared
to respond to my article on this subject. I am attaching two articles to
this write up & would request members to give these topics wide publicity &
generate the requisite interaction. Also I had forwarded this article to the
newYork times on the day prior to the President's visit but I am not certain
if it even saw the 'print' / light of the day in the 'foreign-land'. Would
be grateful if any of the forum members gave me a feed-back on that aspect
Bye & hope to hear from you wise men staying abroad.
--------CAPT KIRAN KHANKHOJE Indian Navy (Retd)

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