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RE: More on Indo-Pak: Reply to Tiwari

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

>Hindus tend to be so absorptive that we
>want to assimilate all other beliefs into our own -- from atheism and
>animism to monotheism and polytheism.   If all logically possible religious
>beliefs are contained in the set of Hindu beliefs, the Hindu might be
>But proof would be needed for any such theorem, and such proof is not
>available at present.

>Subroto Roy.

Dear Sir

Proof is very much there that Hinduism has been an ongoing process of
absorbing different faiths.Probably the name it self called ' Hinduism' came
up very recently. Some say ' Vedic' period.Historeans say Aryan invasion
tried to influence Dravidian culture , and how about the disputes between
Sivites and Vishnavites ! (several temples indicate an attempt by the then
Rajas to passify both groups by bringing them to one temple where both siva,
and vishnu daities are installed !)...Was it Hinduism then ? No it is a
recent term.Budha is absorbed as one Avatar in to Hindu Pantheon.. is just
another indication of the theory that it has been an ongoing process of
absorbing different faiths' traits atleast (may be good traits only like
'ahimsa' )..Setting aside another compelling evidence that Jesus was also in
India, Kashmir, acquired yogic owers...to 'Prove' any one's theorem or not.
But let us focus on practical aspect of Coexitence between Hindu's and
Muslims ! It is common site to see those currently known as Hindus and
Muslims sharing festivals, beleifs.. like a Muslim coming to Hindu for
fixing an auspecious date or a Hindu taking a patient to a sufi saint..They
share same roads and same institutions of society with equal respect to the
extent that
even Marriage party avoids the noise while passing through a Mazjid at
prayer time just as they avoid same  before a police station with equal
respect .
All this to say is where at all they are in trouble  in coexisting with
Hindus ! Never there was a compalint from Hindus for loud Namaz every where
even where Hindu Majority lives !. It is rather non-militant character or
incapable character of Hindus' ethos that it  'readily' absorbs or allows
some thing new to sustain on that land. Now it is a mess where in
competitive Hindu militancy invented same noise pollution in the form of
Ganesh festivals etc... and common man has to bear the brunt of all noise
pollution at the end that is a different matter. (Personally though I am a
hindu I love listening to Namaz ! just for the meditative component in it
and explained my muslim friends to their surprise as to how at different
places the notes of Namaz are different ! So it is not because one is Hindu
that one can not judge this point
whether muslims coexist in peace or not as pointed out against Mr Umesh !.)
One who ever does an objective analysis of events can say about this !.

Again the point is, there was never a stage of difficulty for Muslims to
live in India. Rather it was other way round that Hindus used to find it
difficult to live in peace in their  localities if some one remembers the
draconic stories of Razzakaars of Nizam state  butchering Hindus, put down
by police action and defended by local communists ! Just as sikhs In
reaction to such attrocities in the north defended Hindus with their Talwars
! See Hindu militancy was no where found except in very recent history  by
parties like Siva Sena  which can be attributed as a reaction or defence
mechanism !. 
When a majority population tends to generate such defence mechanism we still
think whether a muslim can coexist peacefully here or not ! 

	Every body knows it was always politicians who created communal
disturbances for their gains and not that a Muslim found it difficult or
Christian ever found it difficult to live any where in India along side
Hindus !

Dr Roy said
	>if a Sikh categorically states he/she is or wishes to be distinct
from a Hindu in any number of ways, it is not really up to the Hindu to
contradict that belief...

	This statement of Dr Roy is unfounded. Where does it happen ?. Can
you please ask scores of Hindus who line up for Darshan in Gurdwaras like in
'Nanded' that what objections they have about a sikh's  life style ! 
	Or Can you imagine some one from Muslim faith expressing regret Just
like Pope did recently for the plundering of temples in past history and
attrociies of Razzakaars in recent History ! No we try to educate majority
Hindus about tolerence when they were already tolerent for centuries ! 

	Finally Solution to Kashmir problem (or Hindu Muslim Sikh problem)
need not be thought of so deeply ..deep in acadamic speculation that whether
these people coexist peacefully now or not...indicating that because of any
current pressure in living , they support Pakistan or a seperate Kashmir !.
They are perfectly fine otherwise disturbed by politicians . 
	The only scientific solution for the current mess will be to Open
borders and trade between countries. Just impose restrictions of buying
permenant property in either countries by citizens of either countries ! If
politicians stop meddling it is enough .


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