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On Kashmir solution..

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

Problem of Kashmir is in the current shape due to the no action taken by
India besides "fire fighting" (Anti-terrorist operation)
Kashmir issue and solution process consistent with Indias secular
In my opinion Religion or ethnicity to be used to seceded has no validity in
India or any multi-religious/multi-ethnic country like US. That must be
clearly demonstrated .
It is important to understand the key lies in the population balance of
Kashmir. Alter that along with other measures on the LOC/IB and problem will
be resolved on the secular concept of India. In other words mass
resettlement of people different parts of India with incentives in Kashmir,
dissolve the state of J&K if needed or merge it with other states like
Punjab and or Haryana to speed up the demographic balance. Start must be
with scraping out the Article 370 . In my opinion whatever is needed to
accomplish this must be started. All other measures should be used to cover
the flank of this core demographic alteration policy.
Pakistani terrorists have been working to change the demographics by driving
off non-pakistan supporting people and killing off the rest to alter
demographics. In POK Kashmiri Shia muslims were ethnically cleansed and or
driven out Pakhtunwa pathans and tribes from NWFP have been settled during
General Zia . Now the Pakhtunwas have settled and are Kashmiri Pakhtunwa
settlers who have been recruited to form Northern Light Infantry, many of
whom perished in the Kargil war. China has been working on similar lines to
resolve the Uighur Muslim separatism problem in Xinjiang province of that
country. India should adopt this policy consistent with its secular
What do you think of it as a solution..?

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