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Happiness for all

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
I read with great interest the posting made on India Policy Guest book.
I will now proceed to list some points which may help in further fine 
tuning the approach paper.
As per the IPC,it only applies to public servant,receiving or giving 
gratification that is.The simplest solution to this menace of corruption 
would be not to have such public servant.But since that is not 
practicable,another solution is NOT to have them at all.Especially those 
in non-industrial departments like Income tax, City Development 
Authority,Regional Transport Authority etc. For instance,what will 
happen if Income tax dept is closed.Nothing catastrophic really.Less 
than 20 million people are paying IT as on date constituting a mere 8% 
of the total revenue collection of the government.Of these 20 million 
around 15 million must be those who are salaried employees in public or 
private sector,whose income tax can very well be collected by their 
employers rather than a separate dept.The money presently spent on 
paying salaries of income tx dept personnel will be the net gain of this 
excercise.( I do not have data on how much but assuming about 50000 
people @ Rs5000/-pm it comes to Rs 300 crores a year)
It is time to use surgical knife to excise the very root of corruption.
There is no argument that a common or uniform key is a must for any 
planning of economy to succeed.But the problem here is not  merely of 
collating data on various resources under or with one key.If 30% of the 
population have no resources whatsoever,what good the data will 
do?According to one report in India Today the central assistance to NE 
states is about Rs5300/- per person! It is higher than the national per 
capita income.What good this redistribution(so called) of wealth has 
done to the lot intended to benefit from this? Nothing.
As a beginning towards the common key,however,the bank account number 
can be taken as one.All cash transactions like in land deals etc. be 
banned and banks be advised to transfer amounts exceeding say Rs5000/- 
only from one account to another.The problems regarding forcing all who 
can afford to have a bank account and relating to secrecy etc must be 
overcome by suitable legislations.
The governments in last 53 years have been busy fleecing the well to do 
and creating power centres in the name of alleviating poverty.It is time 
to start dismantalling the power centres that are consumming all 
legitimate and not so legitimate wealth collected from the exchequer.
Raju Bharatiya

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