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RE:More on Indo-Pak: Reply to Tiwari

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
>"The root question is whether Islam can be freely and FULLY practised on
>Indian subcontinent in coexistence with all the other faiths and

>The answer has to be absolutely and resoundingly YES, or else

-- I am afraid the question I have posed is not something that gets its most
credible answer from someone who is not Islamic himself/herself, as I assume
Mr. Tiwari is not.      It is similar to the root problem which led to Sikh
fundamentalism; if a Sikh categorically states he/she is or wishes to be
distinct from a Hindu in any number of ways, it is not really up to the
Hindu to contradict that belief.    Hindus tend to be so absorptive that we
want to assimilate all other beliefs into our own -- from atheism and
animism to monotheism and polytheism.   If all logically possible religious
beliefs are contained in the set of Hindu beliefs, the Hindu might be right.
But proof would be needed for any such theorem, and such proof is not
available at present.

Subroto Roy.

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