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RE:Kashmir Issue

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

"...Start must bewith scraping out the Article 370 . .."
It is much easier said then done. BJP has been forced to stop talking about
this before the whole bunch of "Secular" political outfits came together to
form what is for the time being  called NDA. Muslims of India have to start
supporting this cause before any of the so called secular parties will come
on board. May be I am dreaming, but it is certainly beautiful to dream that
dream where I see majority of people of India (at least those that have food
in their table) talking on issues like these, and tell their candidates next
time they go to vote (and that they do very frequently these days!) that it
doesn't matter as to what religion or faith they practice, separating
Kashmir constitutionally (through art 370) is not right. 
This and lot of other things can happen, not just in Kashmir but in the rest
of India, where powers that be don't pay much attention unless a crisis
emerges, if just people start speaking out and debating. May be media
liberalization is the solution. May be we need local news and media
organizations in every city and town of India, a local TV station, a local
newspaper, a local radio station, where individual citizens and not raw
statistics get to speak out on issues that concerns them, local as well as
When a local media organization finds an individual issue popular among the
local citizens, it is going to be hard for the local politician to ignore
such an issue, no matter what political party the politician belongs to. 
This brings us back to the basics of democracy that needs fixing in India.
We need to work towards bringing back the fundamentals of democracy closer
to individual citizens and families, and away from central dictates. That is
where I envision IPI to be working as an agent of change. All it takes is a
spark to ignite the fire. There is enough discontent among people, and their
unease is capable of manifesting itself into either a destructive power,
examples of which you see all around, or, if channeled properly, this same
energy is capable of transforming our society into a much stronger, and
prosperous nation at peace, and much more strongly held together by the bond
of goodwill among us all. 
Once again, scrapping of article 370 is too far away, but that and several
other such reasons are good enough for us to start revitalizing the concept
of democracy and take the IPI movement to the ground, all across our nation.


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