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RE:More on Indo-Pak: the root question

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

"The root question is whether Islam can be freely and FULLY practised on the
Indian subcontinent in coexistence with all the other faiths and
Dear Dr. Roy, 
The answer has to be absolutely and resoundingly YES, or else you can't see
India as one nation, cuz then you are going to have to create a Sikhistan, a
Christianistan,...and what about India dividing on languages such as
Tamilistan, Bangalistan...etc.?
The problem is not whether or not multiple faiths can coexist, cuz I know
from living in this great country of the United States, that even here,
multiple faiths don't get celebrated and tolerated as well as in India,
celebrating our diversity of languages, faiths, traditions is our unique
strength as a nation, and we need not question that time tested strength. 
The problem, and 64 million dollar question is how do you get Pakistani
people engaged in this debate. The political or military elite (which are
one and the same!) of that country wok over time to ensure that the only
outside world the ordinary Pakistani gets to see is from their perspective,
and from behind a lens that filters out anything that is beyond India
hating. In that kind of condition, their purpose of lives, their faith, and
their very existence converges into one single theme : Hate India, wish and
pray for the demise of India as a state, and keep dreaming that, cuz that is
better then living that tough real life that they have to live under
We would have solved Kashmir problem long long ago, had the people of the
two countries been allowed to interact and communicate and trade and travel
Now it seems, sadly, it is too late for India to hope for a miracle within
Pakistan. We should, of course, be ready to welcome, if and when the
unexpected happens, and keep a few seats in our discussion table,just in
case Pakistani People turn around, get real and begin to think about talking
to us. However, until that happens, and that could be a long long time from
now, given the amount of brainwashing they are put through day-in and day
out, we must not let our guards down, not again, or else our own people will
not have faith in our strength as a nation to survive!

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