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China-US "Nuke Flashpoint"

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By US logic because of this reason, (that china cannot take Taiwan using
Conventional warfare), China may resort to use Nukes over Taiwan issues!!
This makes it a very big potential Nuclear Flashpoint... Since China cannot
take Taiwan with conventional might, it might resort to Nuclear option!

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Saturday, March 25 8:33 AM SGT

CHINA: 'PLA not up to invasion'
The PLA lacked the capability to mount a successful invasion of Taiwan in
the next five years, even if the United States limited its intervention, a
security analyst said yesterday.
The PLA needed to improve its capability in various areas and increase its
budget before a successful invasion of Taiwan was possible.

The situation was complicated by the unclear stance of the United States,
said Cheung Tai-ming, associate managing director of security firm Kroll

But there was growing pessimism among PLA planners - especially after the
pro-independence candidate Chen Shui-bian was elected - that the Taiwan
issue could only be resolved through the use of force, he said.

China warns America
The warning was stark. If the US intervenes to defend Taiwan from any attack
from mainland China, it would pay a "high price" with the added risk of
"extreme long-range strikes"; a scarcely-veiled reference to China's new
arsenal of strategic missiles, now capable of striking targets along
America's western seaboard.

U.S. Plan to Renovate Warheads Stirs Opposition
By Walter Pincus
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, March 26, 2000; Page A02
The Energy Department plans to renovate more than 6,000 aging nuclear
warheads over the next 15 years, almost double the number that the United
States is allowed to deploy under the START II arms reduction treaty,
according to senior U.S. officials.

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