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Re: Left and Right again

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
I propose a different model: on a ideological spectrum the elected Government
and its institutions under the so called "free" elections would fluctuate about
point A and Point B.

Anyhow, on the same spectrum the liberals or academic pontiffs or whatever
fluctuate about the points C and D.  My claim is that we A/B and C/D are
mutually exclusive.  Furthermore, a sample of Kashmir and LTTE rebels might
yield an average more closer to the "liberals" or academic pontiffs than that
manifested by the population.

Hence, any form of deviance is no different the other forms of deviance within a

Vamsi M.

"Dr.SubrotoRoy" wrote:

> What I am saying is that the liberal stays constant -- when the Left is in
> power, he finds himself on the Right; when the Right is in power, he finds
> himself on the Left...

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