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Campaign Lottery Financing

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
  How can a politician earn money for his party funds which
  he can spend for various expences,to spend out of white
  money or during campaign . In US it is the same as in India..
that Industrialists and business men contribute.
It may not be ideal in US too.. but the anomaly gets
dissolved in their affluence.For India, how can it be ideal to
expect politicians should depend only on donations from
Industrialists (Polluting Plants), Businessmen (Unethical practices)...
and still expect them to funtion with out corruption ! with out
stitching this loose end !
  (I think it is now unconstitutional for parties contesting elections to 
take out lottetries for fund raising.My point is it shall be allowed.)

There were no thoughts on this point and hence reiteration.
Let the Campaign Lotetry system atleast be ridiculed so that
I will not talk about it again. After all it is a debate, and I am
prepared to face ridicule. Following is an extract from such earlier mail.
In the conventional system now,as an individual I get irked
if am demanded or asked for party fund. If I am a business man,
I would not donate 50,000 Rs to a party with a smile in heart unless
  I expect an out of way favour!  But with lotteries, with full knowledge   
about the purpose I may prefer to spend 30 Rs and buy all three different 
party lottery tickets and read their agenda printed on it !
Parties may also chose to mention on each lottery ticket that this
percentage of the ticket money goes to so and so 'Charity' or a 'Noble' 
cause, depending on their choice and taste . This adds dignity to the entire 
operation and releaves any gambling stigma !.      All figures will be in 
media each time including the amount received by charity recepients. This 
also entails   in healthy competition for good deeds and Candidates can 
spend with out   a doubt about black money white money etc. It also promotes 
inner party   democracy because cadre doesnot depend any more on God 
fathers' pockets .


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