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Preamble to the Manifesto:

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Preamble to the Manifesto:

Dr. Sabhlok,

I have some suggestions regarding the language used in the manifesto and 
related documents.  I will assume that all these documents will one day be 
of the import that their title suggests, so I urge you to make the language 
clear and concise.  I will give my suggestions on an ongoing basis, as and 
when I get the time to come up with cogent arguments for my case.

Under Fundamental Beliefs, under Liberty and Mutual respect, you will find 
the statement:
"That human rights and liberty are more precious than wealth"

Wealth is a relative term and the importance attached to wealth is an
individual attribute.  A better statement to make would be that
"That human rights and liberty are inviolate. "

Of course in any practical society these rights are violated.  For example, 
criminals forfeit the right to liberty.  So we add a corollary stating: 
"That human rights and liberty are inviolate, except under circumstances 
xyz. "

Circumstances xyz  would be dependant on our moral beliefs.  Given my moral 
beliefs I would say, "That human rights and liberty are inviolate, except 
for an individual who willfully violates these same rights of others. "

One would also have to reach a consensus on what constitutes "human

A. P.

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