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RE: Military training

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
>Why military training?...Is there a big problem we have now with the
>volunteer army..that we need to get our kids involved in fighting and 
>killing too?
>India has the 4th largest army in the world..that's good enough.
>Your proposal to get highschool kids involved in the military sounds > like 
>what the youth in Hitler's germany did!

>Lets make it 100 hours of mandatory community improvement service.  How's 
>that?  At least them we can get a few things improved around > our country!

>Lets construct, not destruct!

	What I said also included this social service suggested above.
	And  be it plantation, community work, mass literacy program etc... I also 
said it has to be mandatory.. something like a part of curriculum which can 
award some points.
	As some one said we already have NCC etc institutions which are tobe put to 
better use.That is right but teh best way would be to make it more 
soughtafter practice.
	Atleast let the community work be mandatory.

	It is very pleasing to read the reality that some one gave that village 
labourors have more resolve and descipline compared to urban. Yes that is 
why the need for descipline.
	One who comes across the descipline shown by ex_service men in any Industry 
would understand the importance of such training.
	Let us not say military. Be it atleast NCC. But it should shift from some 
thing totally voluntary to some thing more pusuasive... if not compulsory.
	One will not come across the shameful phenomena in our colleges of feeling 
shy to sing anthem even on Aug 15th and Jan 26th.It is only NCC cadets who 
	 It is repeatedly mentioned because it is a 'measure' of National spirit.
	Shift from compulsion to pursuation is possible by awarding marks for such 


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