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Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Pl look at the following excerpt from news.
Some body who read psychology.. esp group behaviour can best explain this 
But this talks volumes about general descipline , time punctulaity etc
sysnonymous concepts.
It is common knowledge to hear about some phrase called 'Indian
Punctuality'... deriving glorified sence in that ! It is a common site to 
see people educated and uneducated, pushing each one to get in to train or 
bus, depriving behind old and weak.
All this to think we have lots of descipline ? This is nothing but lack of 
self esteem , clamouring etc... what is shown under here. Some body earlier 
lamented about politicians .
What about this coroprate heads behaviour who have high flying careers, 
travelling around the world !

  Except for reasons of expenditure and practicality, military like (if not 
military) training at youth level is a must for us.. may be coupled with 
community activity. We only have to think, if we can not do this for above 
reasons of practicality or expenditure, we can not do it ...but may never 
think that it is some bad idea , or rough
concept prohibited .

Whe we have gang behaviour, we deserve such measures.

CEOs grapple to shake Clinton's hand
Amberish K Diwanji in Hyderabad
If on Wednesday the members of Parliament broke protocol by mobbing Bill 
Clinton, on Thursday it was the turn of venerable members of the corporate 
world to do an encore.
The very captains of business, who sneer at their 'uncouth cousins' in
Parliament, jumped chairs, pushed aside the weak and the timid, stamped 
toes, elbowed, and shoved their way to shake hands with the 'world's most 
powerful man'.
The United States President had just finished his first business address in 
Hyderabad and come down the podium to shake hands with a few people.
To the utter dismay of his security staff -- who thought the men in suits 
and fancy ties would behave better than the MPs in khadi did -- all hell 
broke lose as the 'businessmen and women' rushed to shake hands with 
The delicately arranged chairs were thrown into disarray, there was a
stamped, and Clinton was mobbed in a manner that Shahrukh Khan or Tendulkar 
would have envied.
Those who shook hands with Clinton looked as pleased as the cat that just 
ate the cream! "I shook hands with him because he is the world's greatest 
leader," explained one unabashed businessman. Did he get in a word? The 
reply is a glazed and contended look.
Another abashed industrialist spoke differently. "I am only standing here. 
If he comes my way, I'll just shake hands. I am not going out of my way to 
shake hands with him."
Unluckily for him, Clinton took another direction to get away from the mob 
and make his exit, much to the relief of the security personnel and 


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