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Policy concerns

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Point here is for US to understand India is not a "Tin-Can" country like TSP
that it keeps comparing with India. CIA reports say US knew about China M-11
rocket transfers to Pakistan in 1990 (?) . India is partly to blame for
"Not" taking out Pakistani nuke systems when it should have. Now US should
embrace India's position on retaining Nukes not oppose it (China deterrent
At the same time de-nuke Pakistan with things like UNSCOM if they continue
with terrorism . Call it UNSCOM-T . Biased ? yes very much so ! question is
not a balancing act , US has to pick one or the other period! Question is
does US want Pakistans jihad to trot the SE Asia creating a "jihad" as
deterrent weapon against China? or wants to promote secular democracies?.
IMO with the given trend in TSP don't see how TSP can trash the "jihad"
world view. Their education system policy started after Zia ,which is core
to raise balanced humans is shot to hell and is replaced by "madrassas"
which it self defines the future . Need for UNSCOM-T and pre-emptive
denuking of Pakistan is now or once they head for Arms Bazaar with Nukes
CTBT will be the last thing on US security interests. Regardless of what the
Paki Gen. says a "madrassa" taught population base can only create
proliferation nightmares.
US is very democratic I agree 100% when it concerns internal matters. On
foreign policy it very often takes the short cut to pick "dictators" that
are easily handled over a large independent democratic systems to accomplish
"US interests" . Seen in the unfortunate history of US foreign policy.
US must demonstrate that such is "not" the case with India. Playing footsie
with Pakistan is not helping at all. So time for it to pick one or the
other, no options on that one, just cant have both, at least not till 15
years. IMO US should insist on Pakistan reverting to "modern/western"
educational systems , as they are linked to security in the region.

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