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The nuclear flash point theory

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Pakistan with what it is today or what it will be with the current trend
"Does Not" equate with India in anyway. Its not just lack of democracy its
that countries inability to create productive balanced citizens with its
"marassa" education that it actively promotes and has effectively replaced
all other education systems .
So is it that CIA want to retain TSPs "jihad" as deterrent weapon against
China like used against Russians in Afganistan?
UNSCOM like system to de-nuke a nuke threatining TSP should take away the
"nuclear flash point" story and force TSP to help itself, while we know that
CIA knew about M-11 transfers from China to TSP in 1990 .
By this theory it says arm someone to dis-arm the other in the name of
"Nuclear flash point" .
So this "flashpoint" is a pre-planned scenario?

Any US Policy "Experts"  want to take at crack at this theory?

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