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Re: Left, Right; and Liberal Economists

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
In a democratic society it is a "blib and trivial" effort to oppose the
Government in a significant way and would amount to nothing more than the
nuisance in Kashmir and the LTTEs in the south.  What Economists should do
is to
interpret the will of the people for the elected Government - a just
responsibility for all Social Sciences.  Much of what is happening in Pakistan
is due to this lack of responsibility from the social scientists - that is,
democracy could have been preserved in Pakistan.

Vamsi M.

"Dr.SubrotoRoy" wrote:

> -- no I mean it seriously, and perhaps it ought to open a discussion.   I
> may have said it badly but it is my experience.    Let me try to improve on
> it.  I mean that the academic economist (as opposed to e.g. someone in the
> private sector as an economist or someone in an international organisation),
> is committed to examining and expressing the truth as he or she sees it in
> as objective a manner as possible.  Society pays him/her well to do not very
> much other than exercise academic freedom to speak out coherently as and
> when required.   (Of course most academics often ignore this responsibility,
> and are fast asleep but that is a different mater).

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