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Re: Military training

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On Wed, 22 Mar 2000, apatnaik wrote:

 What are your thoughts on India having 100hrs of mandatory intensive
 military training in high schools. This will go a long way to improve
 discipline bolster resolve against adversity at large.

There's the National Cadet Corps doing that already, albeit to a
percentage of the highschoolers/collegiates.  The rigour probably does not
compare to the military and is sometimes too superficial, but I think a
training in the NCC has generally stood the person in good stead. Again,
there are organisations such as the RSS engaged in training geared towards
the same objective. But all these have been exclusive, and that warrants
attention to the idea of making it mandatory. 

You seem to suggest military training to inculcate discipline (I presume
you refer to the physical processes and not the weaponary). But isn't that
far fetched for a country our size. And then, Resolve and Discipline are
as much a product of training as of Self-understanding.  People in the
villages display a resolve and discipline not found in the cities. 
Impatience is the norm in cities, so if anything, intervension seems
necessary there. 

Most private/public schools do not offer the NCC training.  An hour given
to PE (Physical Education) is more the norm. With the NCC it is the costs
that stops it from being mandated in all schools and to all students.  As
for the PE ordained either by the Education Boards or the schools
themselves, the support is inadequate or even non-existent in many cases.
The value of such an education/training is ill-recognised by schools,
parents and pupils.  To begin with, providing support to the PE/NCC on par
with the other tutorials seems to be a better option at enabling the
development of the pupil. 

We already have the institutions in place, we only need to apply them
effectively. [We have also made an institution of 'Continued Poverty' that
results in stronger minds in people at the recieving end of that
institution, but that's not included here, of course.  But that apart, I
suspect rural life normally inculcates a capacity for serenity (or


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