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Dr Sabhlok's kind words

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
>>Also please covey our thanks to Dr Roy for sharing the article and >>we 
>>have sent the soft copy to all the probationers in the Academy >>and would 
>>link the IPI site to facilitate further exploring the >>policy debates.

> >Regards
> >Yaduvendra Mathur

Dr Sabhlok, Mr. Tiwari, Mr. Mathur and others are being very generous with 
their words.  I have to say that what I wrote was written between the ages 
of 22 and 27 while I was at Cambridge working under F. H.Hahn, and later in 
Virginia with James Buchanan.  It was published when I was 29; and it had 
its impact... there was lead editorial in The Times of London on it May 29 
1984, which went to such excesses that I had to reply June 16 1984...   I am 
much older now....perhaps somewhat wiser...

To put it differently, I have arrived at a rule that when the Left is in 
power, the academic economist, if he or she wishes to stay honest,  needs to 
be on the Right, and when the Right is in power, the academic economist 
needs to be on the Left... at the moment, the latter condition seems to 

I do not see for example why rich Indians in Delhi or Bombay or America 
should have such close access to Government economic policy as they have 
been given... nor why their industries or their children should receive a 
paisa in Government subsidies...

Subroto Roy

(P.. S.  I am also of course surprised how many great Indian economists 
and/or bureaucrats from whom not a whisper could be heard against 
totalitarianism before the fall of the Berlin Wall, have now become the 
champions of liberty, marching right there beside Lincoln and 
Jefferson...... )

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