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RE:Reply to Tiwari: Reply to Roy :-)

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
>Dr. Roy says "...It may be presumptuous to think that IPI can >consciously 
>change the course of the history of India in a >significant way. The goal 
>Mr. Tiwari has set above for IPI is more >appropriately the goal of a 
>Parliamentary Opposition..."

Dear Dr. Roy, corruption is not the course of history of India, neither does 
it have to be the course of future of India. What exactly is the 
parliamentary opposition ? Is it not Mulayam Singh Yadav or Laloo Prasad or 
other similar bunch of anti-social, criminal gangsters presenting themselves 
as politicians? With 1500 political parties, 50 of them together on the 
government side at a time, while the rest move around between the ruling and 
the opposition sides depending upon where the money is, what kind of role do 
you exactly assign to the opposition? Had the opposition been doing anything 
at all, you wouldn't have witnessed the degree of damage done to our nation 
by a single party rule for the first 30 years of our freedom.

I cannot argue the purpose of my engagement with the "elite" kind of
academicians who want to have a place to talk nice "academically" while the 
society goes wherever. No, Dr. Roy, I don't expect the present day 
"Parliamentary Opposition" whatever that means to you, to do anything to 
change the way our polity runs, and to me IPI is much more then a chat 
channel where I publish my papers for others to read. To me it represents a 
community of concerned citizens, many of whom sincerely wish to join hands 
to make a difference in the way public offices function in India. No, it is 
not an organization which can or should directly attempt to change things 
for India, because
that goes against the principles of democracy and freedom that it advocates 
for the citizen of India. But IPI certainly aims to be an agent of change.

IPI India was grounded on the principle of bringing the debates closer to 
the cities and villages of India, engaging ordinary citizens of India 
(however tall that objective is, it is still worth aiming for!) so that they 
can participate actively in shaping what India ought to be, and yes, then 
they will truly be deciding who gets to be the ruling politician and who 
gets to sit in the opposition. You have every right to take my arguments as 
a joke, and you won't be alone, cuz joke is what the first generation of 
free India has been playing with our nation. You are welcome here as 
everybody else is.Your aim of involvement may be different, but no sir your 
way of defining the role of IPI as one of the chat channels where anybody 
can throw garbage for others to put up with, without aiming to achieve 
anything concrete, or without focusing on its stated objective is not taken, 
and will not be taken.

Thank You.
Umesh Tiwari

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