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RE: Military training

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Exactly same thing I was telling some time back when I just entered ipi, 
reagrding when some one rised law and order problem. It has become fashion 
to avoid singing National Anthem soon after one enters
college as it is not manadatory. It has been fashion to follow communism etc 
in some regions about a decade or two ago.Yes it is a must now to make it 
mandatory to participate in not just 100 hrs,
but about 500 hrs / 3 months before completing Graduation.
But economics come in to picture. It may not be easy to handle all students 
of all universities when it is made manadatory. But atleast it can be made 
optional, on payment to some extent, and award some special points for the 
Military/Border Training. Enrolment for such training should soon acquire a 
sought after activity, or even
Fashion , but for a positive result.

Nation building starts there . For one who is trained in miltary, it is 
beleived prejudices like cast, region, language, religion
seem petty which are now a drag on every front . Most important.. politics 
should be banned in Campuses.They do not need to learn about principles of 
democracy in a practical way, stabbing ech other or working for political 
goons as hench men .Probably they may form a single students union, 
particular to that campus/college to represent their grievances to 
management and that union , not affiliated to any normal political party.


> > What are your thoughts on India having 100hrs of mandatory intensive
> > military training in high schools. This will go a long way to improve
> > discipline bolster resolve against adversity at large.

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