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Dr Subroto Roy's Article

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Dear Mr Sanjeev
Thanks for the initiative that IPI has taken ,I am glad to let you know
that the CCS team ,Dr Parth Shah, Sauvik Chakravarty, and other
colleagues are visiting LBS National Academy of Administration from26-28
March and conduct two Seminars, one for the 54 IAS probationers(incl one
from the Royal Bhutan Civil Service) on the 27 Mar and another on the 28
Mar for the 116 Probationers undergoing the Foundational Course. 30
officers of the select list undergoing theit Induction Course are also
expected to join.
I am sure that the CCS Seminar series would be extremely contextual and
in fact the IAS Professional Course theorectical Inputs sessions would
build up on the issues flagged for later debate in the Academy. In the
Academy's Intranet we intend to copy the IPI debate format on get the
boys to participate, may please guide in this regard.

Also please covey our thanks to Dr Roy for sharing the article and we
have sent the soft copy to all the probationers in the Academy and would
link the IPI site to facilitate further exploring the policy debates.

Yaduvendra Mathur

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