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Reply to Tiwari

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
>when the very idea behind us getting together, that is, making an >effort 
>to get our polity cleansed from the mess
>of corruption and bureaucracy, bringing back the power of democracy >to the 

--It may be presumptuous to think that IPI can consciously change the course 
of the history of India in a significant way.   The goal Mr. Tiwari has set 
above for IPI is more appropriately the goal of a Parliamentary Opposition. 
IPI can at best be a forum for ideas to germinate, which then find their own 
way, if at all, into national policy-making.   For example, yesterday's 
papers carried a story that the CBI may be given new powers to investigate 
"federal crimes" independent of State Governments.    That is not something 
which germinated at IPI, but something similar was talked about a year ago
when almost everyone here agreed there ought to be a new category of
criminal law where there are constitutional civil rights violations, e.g. in 
the case of the Staines' murders.  The Staines' murders did end up with the 
CBI of course but that was through the State Government.   Our idea was for 
the CBI to be independently mandated to  investigate Unmion level crimes on 
its own.

Subroto Roy.

PS   I am a little reminded of a Bengali joke on TV recently: what do you 
get with one Bengali on his/her own?  a poet; with two?  "prem"; with three? 
"adda"; with four? "magazine"; with five?  "biplab"!

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