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Spreading the word

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Sending e-mails to schools and colleges in India, as mentioned by Ajay
Gandhi, is alright, however, there are a few problems with that. 

1. Many schools and colleges may not have easy access to the internet as
2. Unsolicited e-mail messages are usually discarded by most individuals
without even reading them. 

Even though it could still be valuable to send out e-mails. But in light of
these facts, it may be worthwhile to send out a one page letter from IPI
Hyderabad (assuming that sending hard copies of draft manifesto is costly
and perhaps not practical) to schools/Universities all across India. Such a
letter at least is likely to attract some attention, and may be,
academicians of our nation and not just the students, will find it
interesting enough to make an effort to go to the IPI homepage, either
through the internet facility available in the school, or through a private
ISP that is likely to be available in the area. I am sure currently
available funds should be sufficient for sending out a few hundred such
mails via Indian Postal Services. 

While Prasad Boddupalli's point is worth noting, the aim of IPI is not to
pitch one group of students against another. Yes it is possible that people
might get agitated against wrong things happening around, and such
agitations do already take place (while violence is certainly a bad thing,
but aren't people supposed to be agitating when they are outraged over
certain government policies?). What I believe IPI can do is bring a
qualitative difference to such expressions. Not just the students, but the
teachers, the academicians, and even those outside the school ought to be
attracted in order to get them to participate in debates.
Dr. Roy's view is shared by all that words are deeds too, provided they
serve some purpose. Knowledgeable and caring people of this community, talk,
and that talk is very valuable, but when the very idea behind us getting
together, that is, making an effort to get our polity cleansed from the mess
of corruption and bureaucracy, bringing back the power of democracy to the
people, seems to get nowhere, sometimes talking about direction is
Thank You. 
Umesh Tiwari

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