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My piece of mind

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Hello all,
      Dr. Sabhlok's frustration is understandable, but beg to differ from 
his view that there is not much hope. Given that this is a mostly a cyber 
forum and many are based in USA, it is natural that it takes time for the 
incubation of our ideas in to actions.
      Having seen a few other forums that profess same objectives as ours, I 
belive that Indiapolicy is qualitatively better, in that it holds much 
potential. As rightly said by others, one of the chief tasks is to reach the 
college campuses in India, where the charged minds of the students can be 
tapped. However, some caution.
      A couple of weeks back, John McCain, one of the republican contenders 
for the primaries visited my campus, as part of his campaign. The student 
government of my Univ organized a mock debate between the sympathizers of 
both republicans and democrats. Though their discussions lacked the depth, 
that environment made me wonder as when we can arrest the decay in our 
      College campuses have almost been taken over by unruly mobs. 
Protesting students are attacked fatally and savagely by the other group. It 
need not be a sensitive topic like reservations or singing vandemataram in 
colleges. The biggest impediment is the college administration itself. 
Couple of years back, in my almamater, REC, Warangal, we thought of inviting 
Arun Shourie as a guest speaker and to judge a state level debate 
competition. We were mocked at as how we can even dream of inviting a so 
called controversial speaker like Arun Shourie. No wonder, we had to drop 
our initiative.
      My point is, extending our discussion on to the college campuses has 
to be carefully executed, overcoming the skeptics. The seeds were sown and 
IPI grew in to a sapling. It is time to nuture it further. Many of us plan 
to complete our Ph.d's and head back home, where we hope to do lot more. It 
is that hope which motivates us to participate in these discussions.

Prasad Boddupalli.
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