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Fw: whither IPI..."Words are also deeds"

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Yes, talk is cheap, and by that is meant it is easy to pontificate on any 
number of issues if one wants to. But surely IPI has done a fair amount of 
good work already, and has the potential to do an enormous amount more.... 
How many other sites are there in India (or elsewhere) of its kind, where 
there is a reasonably serious national purpose to the discussion?   The 
national interest is being discussed here by citizens and friends of India.  
What more could one want?

My personal wish would be for it to spread like wildfire and become an
Electronic Townhall for India -- national, state-level, local.... even on 
the Yahoo Clubs model...

"Words are also deeds" (L. Wittgenstein).

Subroto Roy.

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