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Yojakas-Tatra Durlabhah (Rare are those who bring it all together)

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
As I read responses from Sanjeev,Srinath and others on my recent
postings, I find an echo of what many of us think. However, I apologize for 
setting off an oft repeated expression of frustration among us all for our 
inability to get a lot done despite our best intentions. I would now like to 
draw your attention to a silver lining among the cloud.

I don't wish to single out anyone as the sole driving force, even though 
there are a few who keep this community going, picking one or two for the 
honour has angered others in the past, who would have liked to claim part of 
the credit and perhaps rightfully so. So, it is again a message of hope 
against hope to all of those who care that staying engaged and striving to 
bring others along is nothing but trying to be the Yojak, the rare glue that 
is capable of bringing together the enormous force of positive change that 
is out there, and that which each one of us witness every day.

Yes it is necessary to raise this issue of direction from time to time, but 
the aim is only to remind members of their commitments and not to question 
the existance of this community. I am sure Ajay Gandhi and others committed 
to spreading the message within India will find time to do so, and other 
volunteers will come along to help them out.

Even if it is imperfect, it is still good to have this community that
attracts lot of people who care about politics and policy making in

Keep doing what you all can, and keep hope alive.



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