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wither IPI...Re: Talk is cheap

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
At 11:42 PM 03/17/2000 -0800, Umesh wrote:

>What is relevant here is whether we are doing anything other then engaging 
>in talk. I thought we were going to get the draft manifesto circulated to 
>the Universities and citizens group across the nation and get them involved 
>in policy debate. At one point this thing seemed to pick momentum, but then 
>I don't know what happened.

a) I spoke with Ajay Gandhi about this a couple of months ago. He said he
would do something about this. No results so far. Everyone in the world is
very busy. Too many people give commitments initially and then fizzle out.

> When the basic values 
>are at stake, when the fundamental belief in our system of democracy is at 
>risk, holding out separate fronts, and not joining together for the bigger 
>cause could be termed as selfish and short sighted to say the least. 
>(Forming another political party (?)(as someone in IRI said), wouldn't that 
>be 1500+1st political entity in India?)
>The lack of our ability to form a large coalition makes us all ineffective. 
>Tiny entities, whether political or social, don't seem to be able to do much 
>service to the nation, rather, they end up encouraging cynicism among 

b) I did try a couple of months ago, in N.Delhi, to physically help
initiate what Prof. Roy said should be a "Congress of Liberals." No results
on that. I won't go into details. Very disappointed.

c) Last year, I tried to initiate the International Indian Economic
Association. 50 economists joined. None put in any work. That failed. I
detest economists of Indian origin, now.

The middle and lower classes are too tied down in their day-to-day
routines. That is a reality. The upper classes don't care. Professors and
'intellectuals' are too busy trying to win some tiny prize or other, or
wiggle closer to the powers that be.

It is best to quit attempting any change. Accept the corruption and
decadence. Live with stinking toilets, polluted open spaces, broken roads
and self-seeking leaders. We are Indians and Indians we will be.

I would not be participating on IPI any longer unless I wish to say
something urgently, or present a document, etc. I have done what I could.
IPI will continue to live, I believe. 2 years is a long time in a person's
life to chase mirages. And to spend many years in fruitles study, which
caused more frustration and pain than anything I could have done. The first
thing they do in India is that they post you in non-economic departments if
you have a Ph.D. in Economics. Economic departments are handled in India by
English literature graduates. Of course it makes no difference either way,
since corruption rules and good sense is discarded at each step. And to
imagine that one could make a difference to India!! 


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