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Re: Talk is cheap, what else does IPI do?

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
Being the least of all contributers, I have been
within my own capacity trying to understand if this
debate does involve more than academicians and do we
have people from the statewide defense and the
localised police force here to really add some more
material and thought and direction to this debate.

Maybe we are missing some pieces and maybe we need
some one who can really see the big picture and drive
the debate from there... usually that;s where things
fizzle out - an overall coordinator - who has the
enthusiasm, who knows what we are trying to achieve
and who can spend the time to give a direction to

Is there anyone observing the direction this debate is
taking? Could we have someone who can without diluting
the contents provide direction so that this list can
see a goal and move towards it?
some time based goal and soul searching? is that what
we need here?
We surely do not want this effort to come to any kind
of a stop, do we?
Maybe that would be a point to stop and look at and
then proceed from there.

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