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Re: National/Global Search....???

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
I don't know how true this is or how relevant this is
here but an observation on my part.

And part of it stems from the Public Radio system that
the US has in place where you can hear a range of
information from emergency system testing to the
participation of people in the Tax season to discuss
their tax issues to discussions about the
public/taxpayers money and where it is utilised...

Recently I heard an acquaintence of mine who is in the
process of setting up some business in the US mention
this - Indians per se do tend to have a rather
reserved nature - even when we tend to be with our own
fellow Indians - and the reason this being there are
so many languages/diversity here that people from one
region (and I am talking about the common people who
tend to come here to work - not those who are in good
positions in the society in the US) tend not to mix
closely with those of another region.
For example - if you look at the various associations
formed in the various states of the USA - be it the
Telugu Association, the Kannadiga association, the
Tamil assn. the Punjabi assn. the Marathi assn. that
there is rarely an occasion when all these people come
and collect together except for maybe an occassional
movie show... or maybe the temple.
But if it has to be a joint social occassion like
diwali etc, we do not find the participation as it
would be in each of these individual association

On the other hand, this person gave an example of our
neighboring nation where there is an immediate unity -
be it in the name of religion or be it a cause... the
people there tend to get together as a whole single

Take my case for instance - parentage from South - TN
and AP, born in Bombay brought up in the North and I
find sometimes difficult to identify myself with
people since they tend usually to stick to their
crowd... now could this kind of an attitude really be
an advantage or a disadvantage to unite Indians for a
common cause?

What I am trying to say by this piece is - Do Indians
have a united cohesive force to get them and keep them
together like the USA has?

I sometimes take a very broad analogy - India is like
Europe - diverse in languages and culture - with an
American type of governance - all states united under
one central government. Now what can get them together
and work for a common cause other than Bollywood and
New Delhi?

Can the Radio and TV bring out quality programs to
unite the people with a genuine cause and not just for
the sake of being on radio and TV, not just being a
part of the celebrity arena?

Do we have a media which uses quality of information
as its base than the commercialisation that we see
there today - maybe deregulation of the Air Waves will
bring it in, but is there a force which can provide
impetus to this process? I understand from my
observations again that most FM stations in the metros
that are about to open up are going to be commercial
stations with the same kind of programming -
commercial and filmi

would it also make sense to open another channel of
discussion on this area?

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