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Talk is cheap, what else does IPI do?

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
No, I don't speak from a moral high ground, cuz I haven't done myself 
anything more then just talking. I also do not denounce the idea of good 
talk (would prefer debates focused on specific issues though), because even 
talking keeps this community of people somehow engaged.

The reason I write this message is my conversation with Priyo Goswami of New 
York/New Jersey who called me up yesterday and raised pretty much the same 
questions that we revisit pretty much every year.

What is relevant here is whether we are doing anything other then engaging 
in talk. I thought we were going to get the draft manifesto circulated to 
the Universities and citizens group across the nation and get them involved 
in policy debate. At one point this thing seemed to pick momentum, but then 
I don't know what happened.

Anything else anybody has in mind while staying engaged in this forum?

I ask these questions because somebody needs to. I know at least a few 
people who were keen to participate in what IPI claimed to be aiming to do, 
but then after seeing not much direction or progress on any front, they are 
turning away.

I accept my inability to contribute much to this forum, and while I believe 
the fate of this organization should not rest on the failure of one or the 
other individual to contribute, all of us who care, need to stay focused and 
keep doing what we can to make sure IPI delivers some results, or else we 
are not going to be able to attract too many people to our fold, and the 
crusade that we love to talk about, would be meaningless.

Let us do something for a change while we keep on talking...


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