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National/Global Search....???

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
The Indiapolicy Home page calls for a national search for "Honest Citizens". 
I recall I may have personally encountered several citizens of India or of 
Indian origin, who, (I have no reason to believe that they are not) 
honest,and not just that, they are fired up with strong desire to do 
something for their motherland so that it becomes a better nation, a better 

Starting right here, from Sanjeev Sablok, Arvind & Gang of IRI, Priyo 
Goswami, with whom I spoke just yesterday, several other individuals here at 
IPI, and several more who have personally expressed their desire to do 
something for our nation, for example, a name comes to my mind of one Umesh 
Gulati from Washington DC area, who I remember communicating with several 
years back. Then there is this whole host of small groups of people (in 
India and the USA), trying to do what they can in their own small ways yet 
failing miserably to come together under one banner in order to make a 
difference. Last but not the least, there are even a few politicians right 
there in India, even if they are exceptions, who could claim to be honest as 
well as full of inner fire to do good for our nation.

The reason is obvious. We have yet to learn to celebrate the value that 
these very fine and dedicated individuals bring to the table even if they 
strongly differ in their approaches.

Surely arguments and very valid ones can be made that strong differences in 
ideologies are reason enough to form separate groups and perhaps advocate 
forming separate political entities, but the numbers of such separate groups 
of desis across the globe, here in the United States, and the numbers of 
political entities across our nation are too many to support just the 
ideological arguments for their separate existance. When the basic values 
are at stake, when the fundamental belief in our system of democracy is at 
risk, holding out separate fronts, and not joining together for the bigger 
cause could be termed as selfish and short sighted to say the least. 
(Forming another political party (?)(as someone in IRI said), wouldn't that 
be 1500+1st political entity in India?)

The lack of our ability to form a large coalition makes us all ineffective. 
Tiny entities, whether political or social, don't seem to be able to do much 
service to the nation, rather, they end up encouraging cynicism among 

Individuals I know in this forum, have privately expressed reservation at 
the way IPI functions. I don't disagree with them, and yet I am very much 
part of it, good as well as bad. Nobody has stopped me to help correct its 
course if I wanted to, and if I could efford to spend the time for it. The 
same exact rule applies to one and all.

I ask all of those who feel disappointed at the way IPI is functioning to 
come forward, and constructivly engage themselves. It is very easy to 
criticize what's wrong with it, but it is going to take lot more time, 
energy ,drive and leadership to make it they way you want. Come forward, 
engage yourself in constructive debate/dialogue through the IPI debate pages 
at the least, and involve yourself as much as possible. There is practically 
no limit as to what you can achieve if you have faith in your ability and 
burning desire to achieve something, not on your own, but collectively as a 
community of honest
and dedicated citizens.

All of us bring value to the table, let us join together, respect the rule 
of association, which is, respecting integrity of each other, and every now 
and then ask ourselevs as to what have we actually done for the nation more 
then just talking and name calling.

Thank You.

Umesh Tiwari

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