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Re: [Srinath's demand driven model and IT]

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vamsi@siliconcorp.com wrote:

Is such a mechanism possible for the Indian IT Industry?

Vamsi M.

Well, the way I define demand-driven is that the dynamics of the system are
oriented towards unearthing demands that exist in the system and meeting them.
That means, unearthing local demands is the only means to earn wealth (which
is unfeasible), OR, meeting local demands is at least as lucrative as meting
demands of elsewhere. 

I suspect that it is rather meaningless to conceive of only one sector being
demand-driven. Because "demands" have roots that lead to naturally occurring
requirements of the system. And natural requirements to not come neatly
segregated into topical taxonomies. 

What I mean is, if IT is demand driven; it won't be long that the scarcity in
the other sectors form a bottleneck beyond which IT cannot grow as a
demand-driven system. For example, in order to bring demands to the surface,
there normally are a number of conferences, research seminars, etc. that are
routinely conducted. But then look at the disparity between how difficult it
is to conduct one in India, than say in the US. The idea is, a system requires
all elements of it to function effectively. Hence, one sector can be demand
driven only if all the sectors that it depends upon are also demand driven,
and all the sectors that they depend upon, and so on... meaning that the
entire system should be demand driven (at least predominantly). 


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