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Campaign Finance , the root of evil !

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!
      Realising the need to cut Political Corruption at it's root and
relating that
    to obvious campaign expenses is logical. But to compensate elected 
    leader in terms of election expenses fails when the system does not 
    provide for similar compensation for those defeated in elections who
also spend
   similar amounts !.   We need a foll proof system .

     Americans are affluent and they donate for campaign .
   But average Indian voter rather expects something  in cash or a 
   temporary comfirt from contestants and parties as  mentioned by 
   Dr Sabhlok . Campagn financing is a controvercial topic even in US 
   but it is a diluted issue because of wealthy society.
   But for us it is almost a life and  death issue. 
   We have to tackle it in a different way.

	 Most ideal system would be to expect Good people get campaign 
   support from real unpaid 'volunteers'  and 'true' donations in cash and
kind !
  campaign should take place in near zero expense with Gandhian 
  Pada Yatra like methods.  Not practical and near Utopean !.
  Then how to cut political corruption at its root ?

     Lets have a new hypothesis now . Of Campaign lottery system !
  A system where lottery limit is determined by election commission, based 
  on demographic data ,  data like   parliamentary/assembly 
  constituency etc, and the Expenditure is 'Monitered' , by some similar
  Audited, allowing the balance funds after suitable tax etc at control to 
 be retained by the party that took it out.

	Common public will see -- this party lottery, that party lottery, or
  and so Independant's lottery, at each vending sourse, and buys at his    
  sweet will as many tickets as he wants or none. He knows it is lottery 
  and it's purpose. Transparancy and fund control  measures just like
  in any lottery are to be applied .

         Lets us not be carried away by some sentiments like considering
  this as state supported gambling etc. It is a better evil, if at all it is
one, than
 current vicious circle. Emotions do not work here. We need objectivity .
       Funds earned by Independants/parties will be governed with
   leniance and checks in force to ensure they are not spent for wrong
  Specially the funds are open for scrutiny, the way each competing party 
  does the spending, which may entail in built in competetion for a
  campaign style .  It comes in media as to how much each party or candidate
  gathered in Campagn Lottery funds . Some thing close to what one sees in
  but in a different way.   US is mentioned not because it is considered
  but because of element of transparancy .
   Still to accommodate individual donations also, election system should 
  provide for such donations also with normal restrictions against
corporates and
  labour unions or a limit of 1000 Rs or the like.. which are already in
vogue probably..

    As an individual I may get irked if am demanded or asked for party fund.
    As a business man, I would not donate 50,000 Rs to a party with a smile
   in heart unless I expect an out of way license or the like from leader !
  But with full knowledge about the purpose I may prefer to spend 30 Rs and 
  buy all three party tickets and read their agenda printed on it !
  Parties may also chose to mention on each lottery ticket that this
percentage of
  the ticket money goes to so and so 'Charity' or a 'Noble' cause, depending
on their choice
 and taste . This adds dignity to the entire operation and releaves any
gambling stigma !.
 ( the percentages to charities are also indicative of the principles they
stand for ! this
 again with restrictions lest some one may not say we support so and so 
  terrorists etc !).
      All figures will be in media each time including the amount received
 by charity recepients. This also entails in healthy competition for good
 and Candidates can spend with out a doubt about black money white
 money etc. It also promotes inner party democracy because cadre doesnot
depend any
 more on God fathers' pockets . And the elected leaders, ministers will feed
/ entertain
 their stream of visitors, guests from party funds thus earned , than
raising their ugly
 collar saying I am spending this much see.. do as I say !

    In the age of money barter, and in our Indian circumstances, it appears
 worthwile concept to try atleast as pilot project in some costituency.
   If some one thinks otherwise, an alternate solution atleast
hypothetically fool proof,
    is welcome.


 ps: one may not entertain any doubt that the tickets will not be sold ! 

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