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Forigen Policy

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

Madeleine Albright should be clearly told ,India will maintain as many nukes
it can afford and requires ready to fly as deterrents on land based rockets
and nuclear submarines or whatever India sees fit, for now with required
facilities to maintain them and upgrade them as and when required. India
knows China has proliferated nukes to Pakis and has MFN status! Indias
strategic interests and countries security is NOT open to ANY discussion.
That includes Kashmir which is part of India and will be solved by settling
people of other parts there on the secular concept of India. India and US
can "only" be great friends and strategic partners if US agrees to these
pre-requisites, if not it is very unfortunate that US rather be friendly
with dictatorships and communists than the biggest democracy on the planet.

Wanted: a foreign policy with backbone and competence

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