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Re: by Christine Preetha Philip... a response

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

I support Christine's analysis,  Having lived in the US for the last 5
years, I have come to view US intervention as usually positive.

1.  The United States intervention in Iraq-Kuwait was justified.  Although 
their continued humilitiation of Iraq is not.  One cannot allow one country 
especially one ruled by a dictator to subjugate another.  The US response 
may have been quick because of oil interests... but the fact remains that 
the US has established a precendent that should make other countries think 
twice before they embark on similar adventures.

2.  The US intervention in Serbia was sufficiently focused on preventing 
genocide.  Unlike the current Russian operations in Chechnya, civilian 
casualties were kept as low as possible.

3.  Even previous interventions in Cuba and Vietnam, were supposedly for 
anti-communist purposes.  Communism is nothing but an enslavement of people. 
  Though these interventions were disastrous, and the one with Cuba 
continues to be, the US has learnt from its mistakes as can be seem from the 
current more constructive engagement with China.

4.  Criticism that the US is more quick to respond when its economic
interests are jeopardised or when genocide is committed against Christians, 
is not really relevant since the US with finite resources has the right to 
choose which situations it will intervene in...

5.  Also it was US pressure in 1994 that kept the Indian army from
committing excesses in Kashmir.  Although this may seem like interference, I 
am sure that such actions on part of the Indian army would have resulted in 
further alienating the local population.

6.  Many a times the US may use strong arm tactics to open markets too. This 
is a little shady, but open markets often lead to an empowerment of the 
middle class and subsequent reform as can be seen by the situation in India,

This is not a blanket statement that all US intervention is good or
justified, however, more often than not the common man has benefitted from 
US intervention, even though the intervention itslef may bring short term 

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