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Re: On Indo-China

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Hi all,
       First a look at china's recent purchases.

 >From Russia:
    200+ Su27s with production rights.
    50 SU30s, Top of the line Anti Aircraft missiles, 2+ warships,
    Submarines with stealth features.
 >From israel:
    Hi tech avionics, guidance systems, electronic warfare systems.
 >From USA(?):
    Cruise Missile tech, minutarized  nuke tech.

Chairman Mao once said "Power flows from the barrel of the gun"
The taiwan issue shows that, many decades later this still seems to be the 
guiding thought of its leadership.

Post Guf war the Chinese military has taken up modernization at a war
footing. It seems to be tapping all possible sources, legitimate and 
illegitimate to give its forces the tech punch. A look at its recent 
military hardware purchases shows the PLA's determination to become a world 
beating entity. No wonder the USA is worried!! It is time we did the same.

We must also consider the following facts.
1.) The aggressive talks and articles written by high ranking PLA officials 
advocating the use of non conventional warfare (Read as terrorism) to defeat 
the enemy. China's pakistan and burmese nexus must be considered in this 

2.)China's Burmese connections may in the future give the chinese navy(and 
its nuclear tipped submarines)  access to the bay of bengal.

3.) Chinas military cooperation with pakistan shows that its long term
objective is to tie up India militarily to its western borders.

4). Also the USA & europe with billions of $$$ tied up in chinese trade is 
unlikely to come to Indias aid.
      Russia is also unlikely to offend it newest strategic partner.

Taking into consiideration that major part of india's  commerce is carried 
out through the sea, Our objectives should atleast include Naval supremacy 
in Bay of Bengal, Arabian sea and possibly in the indian occean.

While today our relations with china are near normal. We must not forget 
that kargil happened at the "height of our good relations" with Pakistan. 
Therefore India must have a minimum deterent aqainst China. This may consist 
of  a navy with nuclear submarines with nuke missiles, Army and airforce 
with icbms with mobile launchers and spy
sattellites/early warning systems. Also with reference to 1, the pro chinese 
tilt of the naxalites must be considered a security risk and a quick 
solution must be found to this problem.


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