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The Subroto Roy monograph

Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

I am very pleased to make this announcement on IPI:

Finally, more than a year after having obtained permission from Prof
Subroto Roy, his monograph entitled, "Pricing, Planning and Politics,"
published in 1984 by the Institute of Economic Affairs, London, is now
ready for wide circulation over the internet. Our thanks go out to Prof. Roy 
for allowing the wide dissemination of this most superb document over the 

If any document in post-independence India needs to be widely read, this is 
it. It is possibly the best short economic document published in India's 50 
years of independence. We are lucky on IPI to have the sole permission to 
publish this on the internet. Please download it and READ it thorougly. It 
is available in Word format at:


	or directly by clicking:


[folks might also want to join the IEA book club at:
	http://www.iea.org.uk/ieabookclub.htm ]

For Y.Mathur and others at the Academy:
This short volume must be made compulsory reading at the National Academy. 
Each IAS officer on joining this service must be examined on this book since 
it is such a fundamentally sound masterpiece. Please consider. It is a 
perfect 'package' for the economic policy course at the Academy.

For Dr. Shah:
I would also like to record here for Dr. Parth Shah of CCS that Prof. Roy 
had agreed - in Feb. 2000,to my request to allow this document to be 
reprinted by CCS for wide dissemination in print format. Please consider. We 
owe it to ourselves to disseminate such ideas.

For everyone:
Please send out the details of this publication to EVERYONE that you
possibly know of. It is a must read, and I assure you, your friends will be 
grateful that you recommended it to them.

Finally, Prof Roy:
Could you please verify that this is indeed a faithful scan/ rendition of 
your book, and if there are any errors, could you please let me know? And as 
discussed, we can now begin working on an update of this book.

Let us all toast to a resurgent India... Three cheers for a better future 
for our beloved motherland which has suffered long enough at the hands of 
bad leaders and bad policy - a combination that seems to go hand in hand ...

Will some one now actually rise and provide good governance to this
wretched, unhappy land of many sorrows?


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