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Re: IIT kgp alumnus speaks to Dr Sabhlok, IAS

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Dear All,

Being an ex-student of IIT Kgp and especially of VGSOM, I was excited at the 
fact that a person like Dr. Sabhlok had visited the VGSOM campus. I was 
excited at the prospect of the students of VGSOM having an exposure to 
people like Dr. Sabhlok. I even wanted to congratulate Prof Subroto Roy, my 
dear mentor and professor, for providing such an opportunity to the 

In the light of all that has happened and all the mails that have been
exchanged, I regret to say that the injudicious statements of Dr. Sabhlok 
regarding IIT-KGP and West Bengal were most unwarranted and disturbing.

Much has been said about the decadence of West Bengal and of IIT Kharagpur. 
However, if Dr Sabhlok had taken some time or had the patience to really 
check out the quality of the students in IIT Kharagpur, I am sure he would 
be quite pleasantly surprised. They are not the bunch of no-good nitwits as 
they are made out to be.  Their degrees have not been devalued but they 
still hold pride of place anywhere in the world.

Moreover, as regards West Bengal, I think Dr. Sabhlok hardly qualifies as a 
person to pass judgement on the State and its people. If decadence is 
visible in West Bengal, it is visible in many other forms throughout the 
country. Beneath the veneer of industrialisation of the different states ( 
as opposed to the de-industrialisation in Bengal mentioned by Dr.Sabhlok), 
there exists a different form of decadence, which is more dangerous, if 
allowed to exist. If the rot has to be stemmed, it has to be stemmed as much 
as in the different
states as it has to be done in Bengal. Given that Bengal is not the top-most 
industrial states in the country, but its intellectual capital has won India 
all its Nobel Prizes and its only Oscar. And that is not decadence, is it?

I would second Prof. Roy's statement that before making any such sweeping 
comments, people would look inwards and focus own their own capabilities for 
making changes. Which, in effect, what this Indian Policy Institute is 
trying to do. If such statements are made, I believe that it goes against 
the very spirit of this Insitute.


Abhimanyu Chatterjee

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