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Please help make the Manifesto better, or accept it, and propagate it!

>"Dr.SubrotoRoy" wrote:
>Dear Dr Sabhlok,
>I have received the enclosed from Mr. Charu Dutt,who is an IIT KGP alumnus 
>and who was the one who had asked you for your opinion of our Institute 
>after you visited me here a few weeks ago.
may i gently once again assert that i had asked about the *response*
of the iit-kgp students to a talk on political economy
[see text of my original post below], *not* for an opinion of the 
institute.as both Subroto and Sanjeev are representing.
my original question still remains unanswered.

>> >>>very curious about what kind of response you got from the
>> >>>audience [supposedly the young, best and brightest] of my
>> >>>former alma mater?

as i have stated earlier, Sanjeev's impressions of the institute are
not surprising to me, 25 years ago i got the same first impression, but i 
also came to learn that there was more than meets the eye of a casual 
observer- in the quality of the people.


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